MIGRATION ANNOUNCEMENT: Dear Cipher community, to create a unified market for CIPHER, we are migrating from ETHEREUM, BSC, ALGORAND and STELLAR network to POLYGON (MATIC) POS for the better future developments. All CIPHER (CPR) holders will get 1:1 token swap on Polygon network. Please be noted that, the last date for migration from CIPHER ERC20/BEP20/Asset/ASA to CIPHER Polygon will be 31st March 2022. Please swap your old CPR tokens as soon as possible.
Steps for migration swap.
1. Visit: https://cipher.com.co
2. Click on Exchange
3. Register
4. Save your Polygon wallet on your profile.
5. Click on wallet
6. Deposit old tokens
7. Wait for Approval
8. Click on Migration swap
9. Swap 1:1 based on old token balance
10. Withdraw your new CIPHER Polygon to your wallet. NOTE: The last date for migration will be 31/03/2022.
Cipher token contract: https://polygonscan.com/token/0xaa404804ba583c025fa64c9a276a6127ceb355c6

Thank you 🙏 https://cipher.com.co

Email: support@cipher.com.co #ciphertoken $CPR #Polygon #Matic #cryptos #cryptocurrency #cryptocurrencynews


Developing web and mobile applications for business. https://cipher.com.co Email: support@cipher.com.co

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