Official Migration Announcement:


Dear Cipher community, with our last few years of experience in the crypto industry, we have evaluated many aspects, considering user and company benefits, in current crypto market scenario, we have decided to migrate completely with Stellar blockchain. Users holding CIPHER ERC20, CIPHER BEP20 and CIPHER ASA (ALGORAND) tokens need to transfer and migrate to Stellar blockchain. We have facilitated transfer/deposit option at Users have to use swap facility to convert tokens on P2P exchange

Migration period starts from 14/07/2021 at 12.00.00 GMT to 15/09/2021. 23.59.59 GMT.


1. Register and Log in

2. Deposit your CIPHER ERC20/BEP20/ASA

3. Save your wallets on your profile.

4. SWAP your token to CPR Asset.

5. Create your CPR Asset wallet on and activate it.

6. Save your CPR wallet on your profile before requesting withdrawal.

7. Request for CPR Asset withdrawal.

8. Tweet /share is mandatory on Depositing wallet address and withdrawal wallet address is needed to be mentioned on tweet message with user CIPHER MASTER ID.

9. Follow on twitter and send direct messages (DM) with your wallets for quick transfers and quick responses.

Note 1: Transaction charges for CIPHER ERC20, CIPHER BEP20, CIPHER ASA is compensated by paying in CIPHER Asset accordingly calculating the charges spent by user for the transfer. No multiple transaction charges paid for single wallet. So please transfer entire balance in one transaction.

Note 2: For activating new CPR wallet on Stellar blockchain, minimum 2XLM is required and for activation charges, we compensate it by providing 108 CPR after activation of the wallet. No XLM provided. No migration/ converting/swap charges applied. No withdrawal charges applied at the time of withdrawal of CPR Asset. We will check all deposit transactions on respective blockchain explorer before approving CPR Asset withdrawal.

Disclaimer: After the completion of migration activities, we will transfer CIPHER ERC20/BEP20/ASA tokens balance to Ethereum, Algorand and BSC blockchain smart contract wallet to stop future trade activities. We will inform and request CIPHER ERC20/BEP20/ASA listed exchanges to migrate or delist and to stop trade activities for CIPHER ERC20/BEP20/ASA. Also we will inform Etherscan, BSCscan and Algo explorer team about migration.

Terms and conditions apply.

We sincerely apologize to our users for the inconvenience caused by the migration.

Thank you.