CIPHER (CPR) Token Allocation:

80% Allocated for public distribution.

6% Reserved for technical development team.

10% Reserved for Cipher management team.

3% Reserved for Cipher advisors and marketing team

1% Reserved for Cipher social responsibility purpose.

Token Distribution image:

Cipher Protocol

Cipher crypto asset/tokens are minted on Polygon POS Blockchain

  1. CIPHER (CPR) Polygon creation date: Dec-19–2021 12:15:50 AM +UTC
  2. Cipher token contract address:
  3. MAX SUPPLY: 10,800,000,000.00 CPR
  4. TOTAL SUPPLY: 10,800,000,000.00 CPR
  6. CODE: CPR
  7. DECIMALS: 2
  9. TYPE: ERC20 LAYER 2.

CIPHER (CPR) token public share distribution will be based on the market demand.

Thank you.


Cipher Team.


Disclaimer: CIPHER COMPANY reserves all the rights.



Dear Cipher community, migration swap available on
Now swap your old CIPHER (CPR) (Ethereum, BSC, Stellar and Algorand) tokens to new CIPHER (CPR) tokens on Polygon network.
Thank you #Swap #ciphertoken #PolygonNetwork #Ethereum #BSC #Algorand #Stellar

Steps for migration swap.
1. Visit:
2. Click on Exchange
3. Register
4. Click on wallet
5. Deposit old tokens
6. Wait for Approval
7. Click on Migration swap
8. Swap 1:1 based on old token balance
9. Withdrawal your new CIPHER Polygon to your wallet.

For support , please mail: